A View from the Coast

A View from the Coast

Long before California’s Central Coast became synonymous with exceptional wine, legendary winemaker Robert Mondavi pioneered the region. He inherently recognized the Central Coast’s potential to produce phenomenal grapes—and, ultimately, wines of the utmost quality—at a more accessible price. Our wines celebrate Robert Mondavi’s early passion for the Central Coast, exuding the fresh fruit character and bright acidity that can only come from a wine shaped by the influence of the Pacific Ocean.

The Winemakers Craft

The Winemaker’s Craft

You might call Robert Mondavi Private Selection winemaker Jason Dodge a minimalist. He knows the secret to making great wine is to keep it simple and let the flavors of the fruit shine through. He meticulously selects the finest grapes from our coastal vineyards to create wines that express each grape variety in the context of its origins. The result is a collection of wines that speaks to the extraordinary quality of our coastal vines.

But make no mistake: Keeping it simple takes a lifetime of experience. Jason has been honing his craft for nearly 20 years. Backed by multiple degrees, including one in fermentation science, Jason rolls up his sleeves—vintage after vintage—and stays close to his wines as they develop their signature coastal flavors.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wine

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wines

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