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We understand the art of barrel aging. So do our Friends in Kentucky.

Our unique bourbon barrel-aged wines blend meticulous winemaking with the time-honored tradition of aging fine bourbon in oak casks. Bourbon barrels from a renowned Kentucky distillery lend character and complexity to these special wines. Sip slowly.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvingon

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon

A complex and decadent wine, our Bourbon Barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon delivers bold flavor in the glass.

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Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chardonnay

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chardonnay

The first of its kind, our Bourbon Barrel-aged Chardonnay is a rich and layered expression of our coastal vineyards.

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Robert Mondavi Private Selection Rum Barrel-Aged Merlot

Rum Barrel-Aged Merlot

Continuing to experiment with spirits barrels, our Rum Barrel-Aged Merlot blends the craftmanship of California winemaking with the exotic tradition of dark rum barrel aging.

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A Winemaker's View

The Winemaker's View

For any winemaker, the spirit of discovery is what keeps the craft interesting, vintage after vintage. When Jason Dodge began experimenting with bourbon barrels, he created a truly unique interplay between wine and oak. Every sip is an elevated experience.

"Using bourbon barrels in the aging process has a transformative effect, creating layers of flavor that bring the wine to a deeper level of complexity."
- Jason Dodge, Winemaker